Project Server Timesheets and Forecasting

Have you ever needed to know how much your project is costing you?  Have you ever needed to know how much your project will cost you in the next month or quarter? If you are doing project based work then I am sure you have had the questions either presented to you or they have been something you were looking for.  This is forecasting and Microsoft Project Server Timesheets can help.

Now that Project Server (2007 and 2010) and SharePoint (2007 and 2010) are deeply integrated for reporting, forecasting is just a set of SQL calls away.  I created an Excel report for Project Server that reads timesheet data and shows you what you have spent by resource or by project and by month or by quarter.  It is a simple set of SQL queries with a little bit of configuration or setup in SharePoint 2010 to get this working.

In the coming days I will explain how to get this working step by step.  The next blog post will be for configuring SharePoint 2010 to seamlessly run Project Server Excel reports.  I will go over the pros and cons as well as the workarounds to make your life easier.

If there is anything specific you want me to show or discuss post a comment and I will be sure to address it.